Finding and Engaging Providers in Canberra

Finding a disability service provider who is right for you can be a difficult task. Some decide to entrust their support to a family member, who perhaps does not have the necessary expertise or experience to provide such service. Others will comb through search engines and telephone directories to find a support worker they are happy with.

Once they have done this, they will still have to draw up a written service agreement, outlining the manner in which their National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support will be delivered. This is separate to their NDIS plan, which outlines their support.

With all these different plans to go through and providers to meet, it is understandable that some people with disability and vulnerable people are not getting the support and advice that they so desperately need.

Fortunately, Kalinga Australia offers disability brokerage services in Canberra and can assist you find and engage a friendly, reliable service provider to deliver all your NDIS support. We can assist you manage your NDIS plan, fill out your forms and identify the best providers for your needs. All of our available staff boast a wealth of experience in engaging with and supporting vulnerable people in Canberra and beyond, and many have worked with Disability ACT over the years.

We understand that, with disability providers, reliability can often be a real issue. Our service guards against no-shows or late cancellations; we will outline arrangements and appointments in advance, and will contact prior to the date of cancellation or make alternative arrangement should anything unforeseen occur.

At Kalinga Australia Pty Ltd we can help NDIS participants find appropriate service providers. We operate across the Australian Capital Territory and help vulnerable people to gain access to areas they may previously have struggled with, including education, employment and health services.

If you or a loved one requires help finding and engaging appropriate service providers or support workers, give us a call today on +61261564276 or email us at the following address: