Our highly experienced staff are ready to assist you in achieving the goals

you have set in your plan.

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Our Support Coordinators will assist you

  • to understand and implement the funded supports in your plan

  • connect you to funded services, enable you to access the community and other government services

Our focus is to empower you to build your skills and to become more independent. Kalinga Australia's support coordinators will assist you to engage service providers that will be best suited for your needs.

Kalinga Australia's support coordinators also aim to have a hands on approach that will help you

  • organise your supports

  • exercise your ability in having choice & control

  • access your local community


Having a Plan Manager:

  • allows you to have choice and control over the providers you use

  • allows you to engage either NDIS registered or non-registered providers of your choice

  • assist you to safeguard your NDIS funding by ensuring providers adhere to the NDIS price rate guide

  • enable you to make decisions in line with your plan goals

At Kalinga Australia, our objective is for your NDIS plan to be a stress-free experience. Our plan management support includes processing invoices and paying service providers you have engaged. Additionally, we provide you with a monthly statement report to enable you to monitor the funds and the invoices that we have processed during the period.​

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

We provide one on one training to develop and strengthen your ability to undertake tasks associated with all aspects of plan administration and management, including:

  • engaging providers

  • developing service agreements

  • maintaining records

  • claiming payments from the NDIA

  • paying providers

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Our support staff are honest, hardworking and reliable, who will assist you in performing house cleaning and other household activities.

We look forward to hearing from you